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Meishan is in the southwest of Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Basin, and in the middle of Minjiang River. Adjoining to the capital city Chengdu on the north and Leshan on the south, near Neijiang, Ziyang and Zigong on the east and Ya’an in the west, it is a key area of Chengdu-Leshan Golden Gallery, and a major part of “Chengdu Plain Economic Circle”.Dongpo District where Meishan Municipal Government is located is only 70 km from Chengdu and 80km from Mt. Emei, and 60km from Leshan Grand Buddha; near Chengdu Shuangliu Airport about 40 km on the north, and Leshan Jetty for Large Cargo about 70 km on the south. Chengdu-Leshan Highway, National Highway No.213 and Minjiang Channel runs parallel through south to north in Meishan, and Ya’an-Hongya-Meishan-Renshou-Neijiang-Zigong (Provincial Highw...
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